Grow together. Reach the goal.

Strong business relationships are important in any industry, but especially in the Foreign Currency World. This is why Clearcap have taken the time to construct a mutually beneficial, transparent and successful partnership programme offering both lucrative and reliable results for all of our partners.

  • Market Insight

    Most businesses are pre-occupied with day to day activities and don’t have the time to constantly monitor the currency markets. Clear Capital provide our partners with regular market reports and updates that keep you and your clients in the know regarding your currencies.

  • Additional Revenue Stream

    Partnering with Clear Capital is easy and lucrative.  Whether you are a business or individual you can build a new revenue stream and generate commissions from introductions to us.

  • Enticing New Business

    We work with a range of businesses and individuals across several industries. The relationships we have with our clients mean we are always looking to provide our partners with referrals and business opportunities when they are available.

  • Large Cost Saving

    Clear Capital's Partners always have the upper-hand on their competition due to being provided with wholesale exchange rates. We are able to offer our clients bank beating rates on their transactions.

Client Testimonials

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