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What we do

  • Spot Payments

    Book your currency at today’s rate with the option of paying within two working days.

  • Forward Contracts

    Secure an exchange rate for up to 3 years ahead and protect your business from volatile currency movements. Forward contracts are extremely useful for budgeting your Future Foreign Currency Commitments – for example, an invoice for a stock purchase.

  • Limit Orders & Stop Losses

    Target your desired rate over a period of time. Limit Orders and Stop Losses put you in the driving seat and allow you to achieve your rate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

  • Rate alerts

    Your account manager can place a no obligation alert on your chosen currency for your desired rate. This allows you to be on the front foot and take advantage quickly should it reach your rate.

  • Global Currency Collection Accounts (Virtual IBANS)

    Our FCA regulated payment providers can give your business your own virtual multicurrency accounts allowing you to receive money worldwide in over 40 different currencies of your choice. Whether you are receiving payments from a customer or need to be paid profits from sales on an E-commerce platform like Amazon, they are the perfect way to manage all of your businesses payments in one place.

  • Business Finance

    Our partners can assist with searching and applying for business finance solutions across the entire debt finance marketplace.

    Whether you are looking at expansion via asset purchases, acquisition and investment capital or consolidating existing facilities, our partners can assist with reviewing pricing, deal structure, funding levels, service requirements and your desired type of relationship.

  • Market Analysis

    Your dedicated dealer will provide you with regular market updates, reports and any key economic changes that could affect your business. They will aim to help you protect yourself from risk of volatile FX markets.

Client Testimonials

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