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What we do

  • Spot Payments

    Book your currency at today’s rate with the option of paying within two working days.

  • Forward Contracts

    Secure an exchange rate for up to 3 years ahead and protect your business from volatile currency movements. Forward contracts are extremely useful for budgeting your Future Foreign Currency Commitments – for example, an invoice for a stock purchase.

  • Market Analysis

    Your dedicated dealer will provide you with regular market updates, reports and any key economic changes that could affect your business. They will always provide you with a plan to protect any currency exposure you may have.

  • Limit Orders & Stop Losses

    Target your desired rate over a period of time. Limit Orders and Stop Losses put you in the driving seat and allow you to achieve your rate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

  • Global Currency Accounts (Virtual IBANS)

    Our regulated payment providers currency accounts will allow you to receive your chosen currency in a country of your choice. Perfect for effectively managing all of your payments in one place, not just your FX.

  • Rate alerts

    Your account manager can place a no obligation alert on your chosen currency for your desired rate. This allows you to be on the front foot and take advantage quickly should it reach your rate.

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